At First Presbyterian Church in Zachary, we're on a mission.

Our marching orders were given by our Savior: Go all over the world, preach the gospel, baptize, teach, and make
disciplined followers of Jesus Christ.

Through the Presbyterian Church (USA) we are enabled to carry out this mission here in the Zachary area through our own
Feliciana Conference and Retreat Center and Presbyterian Campus Ministries at LSU, and SLU; and around the world
through. the Presbyterian Hunger Program, the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, and One Great Hour of Sharing.

But we also contribute to ministries that are related to the Presbyterian Church unofficially, like Presbyterians Pro-Life
(Research, Education, and Care) Inc. and Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries, which provides care and Bible teaching for
mentally challenged adults in Louisiana.

We even support other select agencies and missions that are not related to the Presbyterian church at all -- like CASA
Volunteers in E.B.R. Parish, Habitat for Humanity in Zachary, and Palmer Home for Children.

Not bad for a "wee little kirk."  But then, that's why we're here:
Mission is what we're all about.  Come find out, every
Sunday morning at 10:30.

About Us

Reaching out in the love of Christ, the First Presbyterian Church of Zachary exists to promote and nurture
Christian faith, Christian fellowship, Christian worship, and Christian service in the Zachary community
according to the form and order of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

The First Presbyterian Church of Zachary is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA), and is part of a
continuous Presbyterian presence in the Zachary community that reaches back to the mid-19th century.  We
are located near the Zachary branch EBR Parish Library, at
4850 Lakewood Drive (see star on map, below).

We desire to be a community of faith that is a living example of what the Kingdom of God is like when Christ
reigns in our lives.

Traditional in worship, evangelical in outlook, open and friendly in style, we hold to the Reformed Christian
Faith as expressed in the summaries of Biblical teaching found in the historic confessions of Westminster,
Heidelberg, and Dordrecht, as well as the universal Christian teaching of the Apostolic and Nicene Creeds.  
We also recognize that, because even the most pious and learned among us is still encumbered with the
blinding power of sin, and because even synods and church councils may err in their judgments and
the church that is truly reformed must continually be reforming itself according to the
teaching of the Holy Scriptures, the only infallible rule of faith and practice.
4850 Lakewood Drive
P. O. Box 624
Zachary, LA  70791
Phone (225) 654-8359
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