Why should you visit First Presbyterian Church of Zachary?

Maybe you work in Baton Rouge, but if you live in the Zachary area doesn't it make sense for you to be
part of a church that ministers where you live?

We're small enough to make you feel welcome, and big enough to meet your truest need
s:  to know God
through Jesus Christ
in Word and sacrament, and to be equipped to live for God in the modern world.

Maybe you have a reason
for staying away.  May we offer some answers to a few common ones?
Grace to you and
peace, from our
Lord Jesus Christ!
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"If I went back to church now, the roof would fall in."

Don't you believe it.

No matter how long you've been away from God, and no matter how far you've strayed, God has never
stopped inviting you to come home to Him.

Remember the Bible story about the prodigal son?  Even when you own brother won't speak to you, God
still wants you back.

Besides, our "wee little kirk" has a very strong roof.

Maybe it's time for you to come home to the grace of God in our Lord Jesus Christ.  
hy not worship with us this Sunday morning at 10:30?
"I feel closer to God on the golf course than in church."

You can sense God's presence, power, and wisdom on the golf course (or anywhere else, for that
matter).  God is everywhere.  That's how great God is!

But there's a special promise given to those who gather regularly for worship in the name of our Lord
Jesus Christ: "Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in the midst of them."

Jesus is present even in a small church fellowship — even in a "wee little kirk."

And there's room for you, too.

Maybe it's time for you to remember what it's like to sense God's presence.  You might just find your
outlook refreshed, your mind renewed, and your life transformed as you become reacquainted with
the life-changing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why not worship with us
this week?  Join us each Sunday morning at 10:30.

4850 Lakewood Drive
P. O. Box 624
Zachary, LA  70791
Phone (225) 654-8359